Ann Badmus

Ann Badmus is the founder and managing attorney of Badmus & Associates. Ann believes that immigration is the American way and keeps our country strong by the positive contributions of our immigrant business owners, professionals, advocates, and community leaders. It’s a great honor for her to represent and advise immigrants, businesses, and employers nationwide.

Ann is an immigration attorney and strategist who can help:

  • U.S. businesses cut through immigration red tape and execute leading-edge hiring strategies to win the global competition for top talent.
  • Highly qualified immigrants get legal residence in the United States to achieve their professional, business, and personal goals.
  • Families unite together and settle in the United States.

Since 1993, thousands of clients have sought Ann’s assistance with complex immigration rules so they could avoid the missteps that can delay or even cause denial of their applications. With her unique Immigration Made Easy program, my clients can focus on personal and business goals, rather than worry about immigration problems.

To keep her clients well-informed about constantly changing immigration laws, she offers educational seminars and workshops, blog and social media updates, weekly and monthly news blasts, and videos. She has written numerous articles about immigration, hosted a television program called “Immigration Matters,” appeared on the national and local radio and television many times, and authored a book on immigration for physicians entitled “Immigration Prescription: The Practical Guide to US Immigration for Foreign Born Physicians.”

As an immigrant advocate, Ann founded the Immigrant Journey Awards to spotlight outstanding immigrant contributions. She also founded the Immigrant Entrepreneur Network and the DFW Global CoWork to foster and support immigrant entrepreneurship in the U.S. Ann is also a member of New American Economy and the City of Dallas Welcoming Communities and Immigrant Affairs Task Force.

Ann also helps clients with other legal matters such as estate planning, patents & trademarks, and business law.

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