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Welcome to Relocation Africa

We provide seamless immigration and destination services to enable expatriates to be effective employees as soon as possible. We align our innovations and services to support our loyal clients’ specific requirements.


Relocation Africa provides mobility assistance across Africa to assist new arrivals and their families and help them to overcome concerns, frustrations or problems.


To ensure the success of the mobility programs offered Relocation Africa provides:

  • A full complement of African services and country-specific programs that answers the needs of your relocating employees
  • Business location advisory services
  • Professional consulting services to ensure maximum savings to the client
  • Technology to keep your managers informed with real-time data, on-demand reporting, and issue resolution information
  • A personally-assigned relocation consultant to each employee around the clock
  • A personally-assigned relocation professional to each client

We are striving to embrace the unknown and paving the way for an enjoyable relocation experience.

Guiding you through Global Mobility

Get the most out of your Global Mobility investment and let us help you tie it all together. Our expert team provides advisory services including:

  • Designing your Global Mobility policies, adapted to the African reality
  • Drafting your delivery models for the most optimal service delivery to your assignees
  • Cost optimization and transparency combined with excellent employee experience
  • Finding the best partners to deliver your services in Africa and beyond
  • Sparring, coaching, and training of your Global Mobility team members operating in or in close cooperation with your African offices

Immigration to Africa

Our Immigration division focuses on providing Immigration support services to corporate and multinational clients to assist their foreign employees embrace the unknown into respective African jurisdictions. We provide expert advice via our qualified African Immigration practitioners.

Corporate Immigration is fairly complex and hence you should choose to utilize our services to ensure a smooth and efficient application process. We monitor and track the application throughout the process.

Our Locations include but are not limited to;

Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda, Morocco, Ghana, Senegal, Algeria, Uganda, Angola, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Congo, DRC, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Mauritius.

Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • Temporary and Permanent Visa and immigration consulting services
  • Business visas, work visa, residence permits
  • Compliance support and audits
  • Consular services
  • Re-entry permits
  • Entry clearances
  • Exit Visas
  • Alien Registration
  • Notarisation of documents
  • Local registration and local sponsorship

Additional Services include but not limited to:

  • Police Clearances
  • Medical Examinations
  • Educational Documents
  • Authentication of documents
  • Passport renewals
  • Unabridged birth, divorce, marriage certificates
  • Translations

Our case processes are as follows:

Planning & Management

  • Needs assessment
  • Outline of process & timing
  • Quotation and authorisation
  • Procurement, preparation and completion of documents
  • Apostille, authentications, translation and /or notarization of documents
  • Submission, follow up and collection assistance
  • Visa and passport tracking
  • Renewals management
  • Recommendations for residency permits


Our Research Division has been providing Compensation and Benefits data for 15 years across Africa.

The data is used for businesses requiring data relating to a policy or remuneration structuring. The aim is to get real-time data on the ground in Africa to enable a business to make informed decisions regarding assignee transfers for budgeting purposes.

Research services include:

Cost of Living Analysis

We are able to provide either a detailed or a basic shopping basket comparison between a home and host country, for projecting the cost of living in the host country. We source this data from the continent of Africa.

Housing Surveys

The housing market in African countries can change on a monthly basis, and we custom research detailed surveys for all countries in Africa with our network on the ground. This data provides clients with information relating to housing tax, lease periods, inclusions and exclusions which may be applicable to leases in a particular African Country, rental amounts, potential pitfalls, desirable areas and can be customized with any specific requirements for your company.

Education Surveys

Education is a fundamental concern for expatriates moving to a new location, and we have, and can run specific updates on, schooling surveys in most African locations. If your requiremnts are American International, French International or Cambridge Syllabus, we can supply you with relevant reliable information including locations of schools and proximity to desirable housing areas.

Vehicle Surveys

Transport in Africa can be challenging and public transport especially. We provide Car pricing data, as well as servicing information. We also provide public transport information in most African destinations and will run specific research should your company require it.


Our Remuneration Division has been providing remuneration services since 2000 and currently provides 3 core services: African Payroll, Ad-hoc payments, and Expense Management. These have organically grown from client needs, and we have combined with internationally recognised software and international best practices to provide our clients with a standard remuneration solution, whatever their African Remuneration needs are.

African Payroll

Since 2000, we have been running payroll solutions across Africa. Our comprehensive, integrated payroll administration system generates a funds request in single company currency, irrespective of the currencies the individual payrolls may be in, allowing our client to do a single transfer into their trust account and their entire African payroll is sorted.

  • Our administration system provides all payslips, payment schedules and reports, to ensure that the payroll is administered and transacted on correctly, with full audit and compliance fulfilled.

Our Remuneration division works with Tax Specialists, whether they are your in-house tax advisors or one of our outsourced firms, to ensure all tax calculations are compliant and applied to the payroll.

With over 18 years’ experience dealing with payments into Africa, we are able to ensure salary payments are made efficiently and to your required timelines. We use a payroll system that utilises leading Online Cloud-Based Payroll & HR Software that services 40 African countries.

Payroll Process

  • Integrated payment process
  • Legislative compliance
  • Master data take-on process (Mass Upload Facility)
  • Optimal configuration to ensure end process compliance
  • Automation of the input data process
  • Payslip in multiple currencies
  • Statutory reporting and compliance

Payroll Advisory

  • How to effectively deliver compensation?
  • Policy draft and reviews
  • Contract draft and reviews – labour law compliance
  • Tax optimisation
  • Cross-border tax analysis
  • Nature of assignment (review)
  • Implementation workshop – understand the ins and outs of the payroll process

African Payments

When transferring relocation expenses or benefits to assignees, it can become an administrative burden, with our team we are able to effectively administer and make payments swiftly to suppliers as required. These relocation expenses may include property tax, housing rentals, utilities, security deposits or any vendors requiring payments for expenses relating to the companies policy for their assignees.

As we have experience in dealing with banking institutions in Africa, we are best positioned to recommend the most efficient banks within Africa to fulfil these services and to follow up and ensure funds are received timeously. We have a payment tool to administer these payments and provide transparent reporting and reconciliation on all payments made. Full audits and reconciliations are provided.

Expense Management

Assignee expense management is very complex. Facilitating, tracking and reporting for the HR department can be a very time consuming and intricate task and with our solution, we provide a management tool to enable cloud-based management of all assignees expenses. The solution comes with a web-based administration tool, a mobile app as well as a dedicated Credit Card which integrates with the system.

  • Facilitation of in-country payments to third parties (Revenue Authorities, Landlords, Medical Aid Schemes, Pension Funds etc)
  • Statutory file handling in-country
  • Reconciliation of assignment costs per cost centre/per expatriate
  • Salary payments and tracking once verified by our advisory team

Relocation Africa’s Remuneration division offers you the first fully-integrated, online, relocation expense management system.

Unlike most relocation systems, we don’t see arrival and departure as two separate events. Our technology encompasses everything that lies between the two.

And it’s simpler for all concerned. Three portals cover all you need. You’re getting the money right, and it feels good.

Expatriate Tax

Relocation Africa Group has added expatriate tax solution to their suite of services in the Remuneration Division. We believe this is a key service for multinational companies who are relocating expatriates to Africa. We are now able to offer advisory services in the expatriate tax and payroll compliance space. We have also added Payroll Advisory services to support multinationals in ensuring compliance throughout their business ventures into Africa.


  • Residence analysis and interpretation
  • Cross border advisory: interpretation of Double Taxation Agreements
  • Non-resident employer obligations
  • Assignment structuring – optimisation of elements of pay
  • International Assignment Policy drafting and implementation
  • Financial Advisory


  • Tax gross-up calculations
  • Monthly PAYE, SDL, UIF calculations
  • Tax equalisation settlement calculations
  • Assignment cost projection calculations



  • Non-resident employer – branch registration for PAYE, SDL, UIF
  • Registration as an individual taxpayer with SARS
  • Provisional tax registration – advice and recommendations


  • Collation of information to prepare a tax return
  • Review IRP5 certificate
  • Resident/non-resident basis of filing
  • Preparation and submission of return
  • Review of tax assessment
  • Incorrect assessment: objection and appeal process

Relocation Africa is a member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) and is bound by their ethics and Rules of Conduct. The stated aim of EuRA is to spread knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding employee mobility. Further, EuRA enhances industry performance standards through communication and education.


42 Goldbourne Road, Kenilworth 7708 Cape Town, South Africa

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